Inter City 47840 Wychbold 12th March 2000

47840 Wychbold 12th March 2000

For the first half of March, the weather was remarkably pleasant on this date twelve years ago. It’s Sunday 12th March 2000, and the beginning of a spell of warm conditions which felt more like May than a period technically still within winter.

The locomotive hauling this Virgin CrossCountry service is the very well known 47840 North Star – not quite the celebrity in 2000 that it became in 2002, but still an interesting diesel, courtesy of its 1960s-style North Star nameplate, which brought back the nostalgia of decades gone by. Before regaining its old Rail blue livery in the spring of ’02, North Star received a Virgin red repaint. But here, it’s in good old BR Inter City livery.

I used Kodachrome film for this session, which also netted me a photo of Fragonset Black 47701. After scanning the image, I gave it a moderate colour boost, but it still retains the basic Kodachrome characteristics. It’s hard today to imagine taking a photo like this, and then having to wait until the following month to see it. But what with having to finish off the roll of film, and then sit out Kodachrome’s dreadfully slow processing times, it would be April before I first got to view the slide.

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