Pete’s Travel GYE514W and Old Bull Ring Demolition

Here we are in Birmingham city centre, exactly eleven years ago on 25th January 2001, as the Old Bull Ring Centre is destroyed. Working a 37 service in from Solihull is one of the former London Transport Pete’s Travel Metrobuses which were in use on the route at the time. This Mk.1 Metro’, registration GYE514W, was built in spring 1981, and so had almost chalked up two decades of service. This era of Pete’s Travel Mk.1 Metro’s was unfortunately pretty short-lived. For those who haven’t yet seen it, my Around the Bull Ring Redevelopment piece has a fuller exploration of this period of transition.

I kept an old Woolworths receipt from this particular date, timed at 14.16, and solely listing a Marzipan bar, at a price of 69p. The receipt was issued about ten minutes after I took this photo. Some of the other buses I photographed on this day included TWM Wright Liberator Volvo 1477 on the 21, TWM Metrobus 2328 on the 11A, and First Midland Red Plaxton/Dennis 236 on the 192.

Pete's Travel Metrobus GYE514W & Old Bull Ring Demolition January 2001